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What Happened to Disney XD’s Motorcity?

What Happened to Disney XD's Motorcity?

Over the past few days, we’ve been receiving visits from people who are searching for more info on Chris Prynoski’s car-themed action comedy series Motorcity, and if you’re one of them, chances are you haven’t found any fresh news about the show. Even the game is unavailable for most countries. The reason for the dearth of information about the show’s status is simple: it’s been cancelled.

According to Titmouse’s Chris Prynoski, Disney won’t be picking up a second season of Motorcity. In his message to fans, Prynoski praised the crew and thanked the fans for the support, but did not give any clarification as to Disney XD’s reasons for canceling the show.

As with most show cancellations, it’s usually safe to guess that Motorcity was cancelled because it failed to become profitable enough for the network. No network will pull the plug on a show that is profitable or a ratings success (the two things aren’t always mutually inclusive). But this is highly controversial because a lot of fans feel that Disney treated the series poorly due to the following things:

1. The timeslot was moved around frequently
2. The show went on a hiatus just when it was starting to grow a fanbase
3. The episodes were shown out of order
4. and more importantly, there was very little advertising or marketing for the show.

All of the above things have a tendency to exhaust audiences and reduce ratings, so even if Motorcity performed poorly ratings-wise, there is a very good reason that has nothing to do with the show’s quality. What’s worse is that Disney currently owns the IP to the show, so even if Titmouse wants to shop it around to other networks that would treat the show better, they can’t.

However, instead of continuing to play the finger pointing and blame game, fans can do something a little more productive:

You can check out how to save Motorcity by checking out NoNN’s tumblr post.

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  1. Midnightsnack Midnightsnack

    They are burning off the rest of the episodes in a TERRIBLE time slot 11:30 pm central on Sundays. Tron legacy comes on before Motorcity, is it canceled too? Man, its a shame because Motorcity was pretty good; perfect saturday morning show.

  2. It received the same shitty treatment TRON: Uprising got…

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