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Hasbro unveils Littlest Pet Shop Unleashed and Equestria Girls YouTube series

Hasbro’s 2017 investor’s day presentation shared the first look at Littlest Pet Shop Unleashed. This new series will be produced by Hasbro’s Boulder Media animation studio and star all new characters in a town run by animals, called Pawtucket. Some of the characters include Trip Hamsta, Quincy Goatee, Bev, Gilturtle, Roxie McTerrier, Jade Catkin, and Savannah Cheetaby. Hasbro will launch a web series later this year before rolling out a longer form show next year. A release platform wasn’t shared, though it’s expected to be available through a streaming service instead of a television channel.

The My Little Pony spinoff, Equestria Girls, will be getting its own YouTube series sometime next year. Details were scarce, but this follows a long line of direct-to-video/TV films, TV specials and shorts. The line reimagines the ponies as high school girls.

Hanazuki, which Hasbro launched on YouTube earlier this year was also given some attention. An original short will be attached to My Little Pony: The Movie both during its theatrical run and home video release. The show’s second season, is set to bow next year with more 11-minute episodes and will introduce a new villain plus a new treasure power. Hasbro is also prepping thirty 1-2 minute shorts so fans that want a snack-able Hanazuki experience can be satiated. Comic books and novels are also on the way. A third season and a theatrical film are currently in the very early stages of development.

Fun fact: Hasbro is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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