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HBO Cancels The Life and Times of Tim

HBO Cancels The Life and Times of Tim
Variety has recently reported that Steve Dildarian’s animated series on HBO, the Life and Times of Tim, has officially been cancelled. The last original episode, which aired on HBO last Feb 17, has Tim himself becoming the new spokesperson for Omnicorp.

The Life and Times of Tim uses a simplistic hand-drawn 2D animated art style to tell the story of a hapless 20-something who lives in New York City with his girlfriend. Exec produced by creator Steve Dildarian, Tom Werner, Jimmy Miller, Mike Clements, and Leynette Canapa.

The Life and Times of Time debuted on HBO last September, 2008, making it HBO’s first animated series since Todd MacFarlane’s Spawn last 1999. HBO’s remaining animated show, The Ricky Gervais Show (from famous British Comic Ricky Gervais), has just begun its third season last April 20, and is still going strong. No official word has been given regarding The Life and Times of Tim’s cancellation.

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