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HBO Drops Animals Animated Series

A lot of animated shows are experiencing a surge in popularity these days, but Animals is not one of them. Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, and produced by Duplass Brothers, this adult animated comedy series managed to reach season 3 before it was finally cancelled by HBO.

The series was animated by Starburns Industries and featured notable guest stars such as Wanda Sykes and Emilia Clarke. For the uninitiated, Animals revolves around the gritty adventures of downtrodden New York City Critters. It also drew 200k linear views for its season 3 finale, so it’s not clear why HBO lost confidence in the series. Let’s hope the series makes a return somewhere down the line (at that the Duplass Brothers uses the downtime to produce another installment of the Creep series.

By Neil Raymundo

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