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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Blu Ray Includes All Might: Rising Adaptation

Folks who watched the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes anime film received a bonus volume 0 manga that told the All Might: Rising story. Penned by creator Kohei Horikoshi, the bonus manga was a bit of a rarity for fans outside of Japan. At least, it was until Viz Media published the short manga for free on their website (which you can read here, you just need to register a Viz Media account.)

However, what is even more exciting is that the All Might: Rising story will finally be animated. The short story’s animated adaptation will be included as a bonus on the Plus Ultra Edition of the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Blu-Ray, which hits stores in Japan on February 13, 2019.

Special features for the “Plus Ultra” edition:

Special booklet (key animation arts and interviews)
Newly-recorded picture drama CD based on the BBQ scene by the class 1A students, which was illustrated in the film’s ending credit
Bonus disc includes the voice cast members’ stage greeting footage from the US premiere screening at Anime Expo 2018 (July 5), the premiere screening at Iino Hall in Tokyo (July 24), and the release memorial event at Toho Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo (August 4)
Postcard using the “Vol.Origin” cover art drawn by the manga author
Box art by the anime character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi

The price:

DVD regular edition – 3,800 yen
DVD “Plus Ultra” edition – 6, 800 yen
Blu-ray regular edition – 4,800 yen
Blu-ray “Plus Ultra” edition – 7, 800 yen


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