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Horrid Henry Picked Up by Cartoon Network for APAC

Zodiak Kids has recently announced that Novel Entertainment’s 2D animated children’s series Horrid Henry has been licensed by Cartoon Network for the APAC region. As a sign that the show’s not going anywhere, Zodiak Entertainment has also acquired a brand new fourth season of the series from Novel, consisting of 52 x 11 episodes. Cartoon Network has also taken on seasons 4 and 3 and re-licensed seasons 1 and 2, with plans to broadcast over 200 episodes of the series through their APAC feed, which includes Australia, New Zealand, India, South-East Asia and Taiwan.

Horrid Henry is based on Francesca Simon and Tony Ross’ best selling series of children’s books about a selfish young boy who constantly tries to solve problems in ways that endanger other people, and his brother who is his exact opposite.

Zodiak Kids currently holds all international TV and DVD distribution rights to Horrid Henry and will be presenting season four — now in production — at MIPCOM. The new episodes will launch on CITV this fall.


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