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Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant Arc Will Have New Ending Theme


This coming April 21st, the new Hunter x Hunter anime will tackle the previously unadapted Chimera Ant Arc, and will be doing it with a new ending theme. The new theme will be provided by YUZU, who provided “Reason” for the Greed Island Arc, will be providing their cover of “Nagareboshi Kirari.”

The song, performed by Megumi Han (Gon), Ise Mariya (Killua) and Hirano Aya (Retsu) was heard in the Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie.

The Chimera Ant Arc is the sixth story arc in the manga, spanning chapters 186 to 318. It was not adapted in the original anime due to problems with the publishing schedule, which could have resulted in the anime catching up to the manga (something that the manga/anime industry avoids at all cost, which is why anime fans usually have to suffer through subpar filler episodes).

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