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“Hunter x Hunter” (2011) Episode 116 Anime Review [The Personality Change]

I’m not sure if I watched Hunter x Hunter episode 116 or if I just finished watching an over exaggerated theatrical play. I doubt Crunchyroll would ever upload a fan video to portray an actual episode, so, unfortunately, I just finished watching a play.

What’s truly aggravating is Neferpitou’s current position in this episode. The same psychopathic, merciless villain who detached Kite’s head, along with making Killua (and possibly Gon) learn the true definition of fear, is down on *her* knees. To push the envelope further, Pitou inflicts damage on her right arm and offers both of her legs to Gon, in order to gain his trust. Due to caring for Meruem, Pitou is unable to act as herself, and is reduced to a pitiful state.


In the same, Gon has faced many enemies who’ve enraged him, such as Hisoka, The Phantom Troupe, and the devious low-lives of Greed Island. But never has Gon been portrayed as a psychopathic, delusional individual whose attained “Saiayn God” form. Due to caring for Kite, Gon is unable to act as himself, and has crossed the path of being emotionally, and psychologically, unstable. The personalities of both Neferpitou and Gon are both altered, due to caring for someone they hold close to.

As for Neferpitou’s condition, it’s painfully understandable. Pitou was obligated to protect Komugi, but based on her dark personality, it’s disturbing to see her beg Gon to wait a little while longer. As tempting as it may be to think that Neferpitou has a kind heart, or a human side, that’s simply not the case. Pitou’s protecting Komugi simply because Meruem ordered her to do so. Neferpitou isn’t showing compassion due to a sudden change of heart, because if it was up to her, she’d have killed Komugi, along with Gon and Killua (if possible). Her loyalty to Meruem is the closest thing to “compassion” or “love” that we’ll ever see from her.


As for Gon’s position, he approached Neferpitou as if he performed the fusion dance with Goku, and then some. His nen appeared to be extremely powerful, engulfing his entire body and much of the area around him. In addition to having a few specs of black nen. Gon also released a ridiculous amount of aura, to the point of shocking Killua and Neferpitou, as if he ascended to a whole new level of power. The way he starred at Pitou was very strange, his eyes were blank yet murderous, as if he was a disciple of Yuno Gasai. And lastly, his screams, body language, and face expressions were exaggeratedly performed, over the top, making it seem like a far greater situation than it actually was — or for some, a theatrical play.


I understand that Gon is emotionally, and psychologically, unstable. He wants to destroy Pitou for what she’s done, but he won’t selfishly take the life of someone else in order to do so. A lot of emotions are going around, and it’s tough, but I believe it was overdone.

I expected a ferocious battle. In Gon’s mental state, I’d imagine it be difficult to comprehend, or even notice, that the enemy is trying to save some girl’s life. I thought Gon would’ve stormed straight towards Pitou. And if Gon’s charging at Pitou, then she’ll be forced to temporarily disable her medical ninjutsu, quickly eliminate the threat, and continue with the medical procedure. If not, then both her and Komugi would be dead. Killua would’ve realized Komugi’s critical condition, thus interfering in the battle, preventing Gon from annihilating Pitou, giving her time to save Komugi.


Or at least something along those lines, where there’s an explosion of rage, a heated atmosphere, a pause between battle (due to Killua’s interference), an internal conflict, a cool down, and then the whole theatrical performance. Gon’s emotions wouldn’t have looked so exaggerated, then. But that’s just my take.

On a side note, did anyone else think Gon was going to attack Killua, at the end of the episode?


Would you have liked a different outcome, or were you satisfied with the episode? And what do you think will happen in episode 117? Let us know!

Lindo Korchi

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    i like this dark gon makes him more unique

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