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Hunter x Hunter Manga Goes on Hiatus Again

After a brief return to Shonen Jump, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter manga is once again going on a hiatus. At this point, it is no longer surprising to fans as Yoshihiro Togashi is well-known for going on frequent hiatus, with Hunter x Hunter being the property that was hit the most. Togashi assures fans that he has already finished ten weeks’ worth of storyboards, and that he’ll produce manuscripts while focusing on his health.

While making a joke out of Togashi’s lackluster rate of output is unseemly, given that the reason is his failing health, one cannot fault fans for feeling frustrated that Togashi still refuses to hire another artist to help with the workload. Or at the very least, he should do what Toriyama does with Dragonball – farm it out to another mangaka and just retain control over storylines and art direction.


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