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Imira’s Toons Reach Latin America

Imira's Toons Reach Latin America

Barcelona-based studio Imira Entertainment has recently sold over 200 hours of its animated shows to networks in Latin America as well as some Spanish-speaking networks in the US.

In the Pan-Latin America deals, Jonathan M. Shiff and ZDF Enterprises’ 26×26 series Scooter, Secret Agent, along with Shaftesbury’s 13×30 series Baxter, have been picked up by Pay TV channel Yups. Discovery Communications, on theo ther hand, has picked up season one of Guru Studios’ Justin Time for Pay TV.

In Mexico, Breakthrough Entertainment’s Dino Dan (26×30) has been acquired by Free TV channel Canal Once, along with Imira’s internally-produced Sandra, The Fairytale Detective (52×13). Televisa has also picked up DQ Entertianment and ZDF Enterpreises’ The Jungle Book, which was also acquired by Canal Encuentro for Argentina.

“We have a variety sales library full of dynamic, high-quality properties which we believe satisfy broadcaster demand, particularly in the Latin American market,” says Begona Esteban, Imira’s sales manager for Iberia, Latin America, U.S. Hispanic and Central Europe. “The fact that we have a presence on all kids’ channels in Pay TV and a considerable presence on Free TV across all markets in the region is a testament to our success.”

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