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The Incredibles Nets $180Mil During Opening Weekend

Disney/Pixar’s phenomenal superhero family sequel, The Incredibles, had an impressive showing at the box office weekend during its opening weekend, as it brings in $180 million at the box office. This marks a new box office record for openings of animated movies, beating out the record set by Finding Dory ($135 million) and is so far the best debut for a PG movie ever. Should it continue its momentum, it may beat out the first Incredibles movie, which grossed over $261.4 million.

It’s not all good news, though. The Incredibles is currently under some scrutiny due to its use of strobing lights. Some moviegoers have reported that the strobe lights could be harmful to audiences with epilepsy or those with chronic illnesses that make them unnaturally sensitive to strobing/flashing lights. One of the scenes reportedly last for 90 seconds. There is a clamor for Disney/Pixar or the theaters to issue a warning that the movie contains scenes with repeated flashing lights.


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