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Injustice 2 Story Trailer Released

After a series of GIF teasers on the official Injustice 2 and DC Comics twitter accounts, the first official story trailer for the upcoming DC-themed fighting game Injustice 2 has been released online. While many of the details found in the story trailer are already common knowledge to those who played the first game (and those who read the comic books), there are a bunch of exciting new stuff present. Namely, new character additions to the roster.

Aside from more updated versions of mainstays Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, the trailer also shows off Supergirl and the pre-order bonus: Darkseid. Whether it’s going to be preorder exclusive or will come out later as DLC has not been cleared, but it should be interesting what role the ruler of Apokolips will have in the game (or whether he’s not going to have any part in the campaign, similar to how many playable characters in the first game were not part of the story mode.)

Aside from Supergirl and Darkseid, new DC characters that have been confirmed include Robin, Braniac, Blue Beetle, and Poison Ivy. Injustice 2 will be available on May 19 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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