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It’s Archie, or Is it?

It's Archie

The “It’s Archie” cartoon was announced without much fanfare so it’s not surprising it failed to create a healthy dose of cartoon buzz. The last time an animated TV show based on the Archie comic book was shown was 14 years ago with the short-lived Archie’s Weird Mysteries.

It’s Archie will feature Archie and the gang as 12-year olds at Riverdale Junior High. This may not sit well with fans who are accustomed to seeing Archie and his pals in their teens and doing outrageous things normal teens do, regardless of generation.

It’s pretty clear that the re-launch of the Archie cartoons is geared towards the tweens segment, perhaps hoping to get a big piece of the most sought-after demographics. Whether or not it’s a smart move remains to be seen, but it is worth noting that the success of the Archie comic book series is largely due to the appeal of the characters in their teens and the eternal love triangle of Archie, Betty, and Veronica (with Little Archie occasionally making an appearance).

While we could come into terms with a pre-teen Archie, the one thing that may be a little too difficult to swallow is the radical change in the art style, which was described as “sleek and stylish 2D animation.” Based on early images released by Moonscoop, the new Archie characters no longer resemble the classic style that made it iconic and timeless.

So, we have to ask, do you like the new incarnation of Archie and the gang?

It's Archie


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