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Jabu’s Jungle is Ready For Season 2

Pixcomm, a South African animation company announces that the unique series is currently in production for season 2. The new season is being produced with the help of the Department of Trade and Industry, with Monster Entertainment (Dublin) to manage international distribution. The second season premieres this fall at MIP Junior.

The 2D animated series is aimed at children ages 3-7. It focuses on Jabu, a young boy who lives in a township on the edge of an African jungle. After he discovers his grandmother’s magical talking drum, he hit the road on new adventures every day. In every episode, he encounters a new animal, discovers his environment and confronts a certain challenge that he must overcome.

The animated series is made using a ground-breaking township-based job creation and training program, which aspires to tackle the community’s unemployment rate. The animation company brought in animators to work together with talented young artists in order to give hands-on training (apprentice style). The production was able to produce 12 new jobs in the year 2015 with the assistance of The Movement Trust, a local non-profit organization. The production season will create 15 jobs.


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