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Jackie Chan Reveals New 3D CG Animated Series

In a recent appearance at the Rosewood Hotel in Beijing, iconic martial arts superstar Jackie Chan unveiled a new animated project dubbed the All New Jackie Chan Adventures, which is said to be built around Chinese culture and values. What makes the new series stand out from Jackie Chan’s the 2000-2005 animated series is the animation style: this time around, the series uses 3D CG animation to bring Chan’s adventures to life. The All New Jackie Chan Adventures will consist of 104 episodes and was created on a $6 million budget by Zhejiang Talent Television & Film Co.m Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co., and VJ Animation Studio.

The All New Jackie Chan Adventures will feature a storyline that revolves around a team of heroes who stand guard over the “dreamlands,” which is constantly under threat from nightmarish monsters. This team of heroes ensure that children will have only sweet dreams at night. Child actor Kyana Poppy Downs will star as the main character’s partner and sidekick.

The series was specifically produced with enough care to ensure that the concepts and values reflect those of Chinese children, and that the series will be able to promote positive, traditioal Chinese values and etiquette.

“With young children increasingly searching for new role models to look up, it is imperative that celebrities in China use their influence to help shape the values of today’s young Chinese children and indeed people in general,” Chan said at the press event.

The show is set to air all across China on three (so far) satellite kids’ channels and some 200 terrestrial channels, including Hunan TV Children’s Channel, JiajiaKT, BTV’s Kaku, JSTV’s Youman, and Toonmax. International agreements are already in place with Mondo TV, Bomambridge, Rainbow, Shemaroo and MBC Group.

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