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James Cameron Loves CG Space Pirate Captain Harlock Movie


When the CG animated film adaptation of Space Pirate Captain Harlock was screened in 300 Japanese theaters last September 7, it only made a 133,969,750 yen, which is roughly US$ 1.33M – a disappointing cume considering that they have reportedly pumped over US $30M into the production of the film. It’s understandable if people think that studios are not going to try something like it so soon after the massive failure, but if there’s one thing they can do to salvage the movie, maybe it’s “bring it to the West.”

It’s not 100% safe to say that the West will lap it up, but given the fact that James Cameron (Avatar, Terminator, most of my childhood blockbuster memories) praised both the 2D and 3D (which Shinji Aramaki personally screened for him) by describing it as “emotionally compelling” and “epic in every sense,” they might be able to convince a few Western viewers to check it out. As a matter of fact, that was probably their intention as James Cameron agreed to having his statement used on the posters for the film. Unfortunately, James Cameron might not have as much pull in Japan as he does in other parts of the world.

By Neil Raymundo

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