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Jennifer Lee and Pete Docter Take Over John Lasseter’s Role at Pixar

Much has been said about the scandal John Lasseter has been embroiled in, which culminated in the Pixar co-founder taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company. But the real question was who will be taking over the man’s responsibilities in the meantime. Said question has recently been answered with the announcement tat Disney’s Jennifer Lee and Pixar’s Pete Docter will be stepping in to fill the roles left behind by Lasseter.

Lee is better known for being the co-writer of Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen (co-director as well), while Pete Docter is as closely associated with Pixar as Lasseter, with directing credits that include Monsters, Inc., Inside Out, and Up.

“Animation is the most collaborative art form in the world, and it is with the partnership of my fellow filmmakers, artists, and innovators that we look ahead to the future,” said Lee. “My hope is to support the incredible talent we have, find new voices, and work together to tell original stories.”

“I started here 28 years ago,” said Docter. “I am fortunate to work alongside some of the most talented people on the planet, and together we will keep pushing animation in new directions, using the latest technology to tell stories we hope will surprise and delight audiences around the world.”


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