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Jetpack Distribution Gets TV and Licensing Rights for Justin Time in CEEMEA

Samka Productions, Nerdcorps Entertainment, and Gardiner Entertainment’s joint sales outfit Jetpack Distribution has recently acquired the TV and Licensing rights in CEEMEA for Guru Studio’s hit CG animated preschool series Justin Time.

Justin Time is created by Brandon James Scott, and focuses on the titular kid and his best friends Olive and Squidgy, with all three regularly going off on fantastical adventures through time and space, telling exciting stories inspired by world history.

Under the deal, Jetpack Distribution is responsible for distributing all 52 x 11 episodes of t he show across Central Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa. The first two seasons of Justin Time has already aired on various major broadcasting platforms all over the world, including Sprout in the US and Disney Junior in Canada. The series is now under development for its 3rd season.

justin time

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