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Jibanyan hits the greens in Everybody’s Golf collaboration

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of game developer Level-5, PlayStation 4 game Everybody’s Golf has launched a collaboration that sees Yo-Kai Watch’s Jibanyan hit the greens. Starting June 5th, the game will host the Level-5 20th Anniversary Collaboration Cup.

By participating in the Cup, players can earn costumes based on various Level-5 video games. This includes Jibanyan and Komasan from Yo-Kai Watch, Professor Layton from Professor Layton, Evan and Tani from Ni no Kuni, Toan and Xiao from Dark Cloud, and White Knight from White Knight Chronicles. Additionally, 3 in-game golf carts are being sold as a set for 500 Yen. One of the golf carts is based on Jibanyan, another is based on Katrielle Layton from Layton’s Mystery Journey, and the last inspired by the White Knight from White Knight Chronicles.

Here’s a trailer:

The Level-5 20th Anniversary Collaboration Cup runs between June 5th and July 6th. Round One Preliminaries start on June 5th and end on the 11th. Finals for that round run the 11th through the 11th. Round Two takes place June 22nd and June 29th. The Finals start on the 29th and end on July 6th.

H/T: Gematsu

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