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Jimmy Two Shoes Gets Award of Excellence for Best Television Program Animation


Breakthrough Entertainment’s hit animated series, Jimmy Two Shoes, has recently received the Award of Excellence for Best Television Program Animation, Ages 9-14 Category from the Youth Media Alliance’s Award of Excellence Gala. The Youth Media Alliance has been recognizing the importance of quality television and interactive contents for Canadian Kids for almost 4 decades now.

Jimmy Two Shoes was created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott, and produced by Breakthrough Entertainment in association with Teletoon. The series debuted in 2009 and ran for three consecutive seasons. The show focuses on thrill-seeking optimist Jimmy and his continuing adventures in Miseryville, which is ruled with an iron fist by Lucius Heinous VII.

“We are honored to receive this recognition among 2013′s impressive line-up of nominees,” said Ira Levy, executive producer and partner of Breakthrough Entertainment. “Youth Media Alliance is one of our industry’s most important organizations and we are excited that Jimmy Two Shoes has joined its ranks.”

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  1. as140 as140

    The show had only two seasons, of which the second was split into two parts. Maybe this award is hope for a new season.

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