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John Heder Talks About Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon

John Heder Talks About Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon

The Chicago Tribune has recently interviewed actor Jon Heder regarding the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated series, which will be part of Fox TV’s Animation Domination programming block along with ratings juggernauts Family Guy and The Simpsons.

The original Napoleon Dynamite was a 2004 live action independent film that follows a socially awkward teenager in a small town, the movie became a cult hit and received critical acclaim for bringing something fresh to the tired teen comedy genre. The original movie’s cast will be reprising their respective roles by lending their voices to the animated versions, but they will be joined by guest stars Amy Poehler, Sam Rockwell, and Jemaine Clement.

Q: Napoleon is back! Why now?

A: “We played around with the idea of an animated series or live-action series for a sequel, but we never played around seriously because we made this with a bunch of friends, so we weren’t thinking cash franchise. But it came out and became a success, and I think all these years later, when Fox came to us, we said, ‘Hey, we’d talked about it. We think the time is right, let’s do it,’ and we were all on board.”

Q: Why animation over live action, especially with the original cast?

A: “Honestly, because it’s probably cheaper and we’re probably all old and flabby now! A live-action show still has a certain lifespan, but with shows like “Family Guy” and “King of the Hill,” successful animated shows can go on forever.”

The interview with Jon Heder can be viewed in its entirety by visiting the following link:,0,4463223.story

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