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John Woo and Liquid Comics team up for Seven Brothers

John Woo and Liquid Comics team up for Seven Brothers

Critically-acclaimed director John Woo (Mission: Impossible 2, Face-Off) has recently started a new animated web series with the help of Liquid Comics and Tiger Hill Entertainment, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The new animated web series is entitled Seven Brothers, and is based on a graphic novel created by Woo and famous comic book writer Garth Ennis, along with Indian artist Jeevan J. Kang.

Seven Brothers will run for 13 episodes, with the first four being released exclusively on online video portal, and also on its Youtube Channel. As for the story, Seven Brothers follows the story of a powerful and malevolent Chinese sorcerer whose plans to dominate the world have been set in motion 600 years ago, with no one to stand in his way but an ancient prophecy that must be fulfilled by seven men, who are destined to face the Son of Hell in order to save the world.


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