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Jurassic World Writer to Write for Metal Gear Solid Movie

Despite the nasty fallout between creator Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, it looks like fans of the franchise will still get some chance to revisit the property as Variety has recently reported that Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly has been tapped for a Hollywood adaptation of Metal Gear Solid.

The hiring of Connolly is not entirely without precedent, as he has worked with the Metal Gear Solid adaptation’s current project director Jordan Vogt Robers on the monster film Kong: Skull Island.

As for other names that have been attached to the project, Ghost in the Shell’s Avi Arad is serving as the producer. Although given the success (or lack thereof) of the Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, it is understandable if fans will be skeptical with the planned Metal Gear Solid film. Though in any case, we have our hopes up as the Metal Gear Solid franchise is particularly well-suited to blockbuster films, and in fact is frequently criticized for its lengthy cutscenes that result in many of its most recent games towing the line that separates games from movies.

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