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Justin Time Scores New Major Deals

Kids entertainment outfit Guru Studio and global kids content distributor Jetpack Distribution have recently announced two new major broadcast deals for the third season of the globally popular preschool series Justin Time Go! These major deals consist of Germany’s Super RTL and Italy’s Turner-owned preschool channel Cartoonito. Both channels have commissioned the third season of Justin Time Go!, which is currently enjoying airtime in Canada via Family Channel. The series was originally an exclusive to Netflix’s streaming service.

The Justine Time Go! series focuses on the adventurous Justin and his imaginary friends Olive and Squidgy. Together, they venture to every corner of the world and rely on Justin’s fertile imagination in order to brave the larger-than-life adventures set throughout key points in history.

Justin Time Go!’s 3rd season consists of 22 x 11 minute episodes and 2 x 22 minute special minimovies. The deals were brokered by Jetpack Distribution CEO Dominic Gardiner and Mary Bredin, EVP Content at Guru Studio.

Dominic Gardiner says: “We’re delighted to secure homes for this hugely popular global triumph! Justin’s adventures really capture the imagination of preschoolers enabling them to become part of exciting stories throughout history. It has a universal appeal and we’re pleased to be presenting the third series at MIP.”

Mary Bredin commented: “We are thrilled that Justin Time continues to expand internationally with the pickups from Germany and Italy. This exceptionally imaginative series is now airing in over 190 countries and 20 languages around the world.”

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