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Kabillion launches Mix Master: Final Force in North America

After a lengthy stay in South East Asia, the English version of Mix Master: Final Force has finally debuted in North America! The second season of the Korean animated series about a video game world combining with the real world launched last month through Splash Entertainment’s Kabillion platform. That includes video-on-demand through cables boxes and a slowly growing selection of episodes on their Youtube channel. The entire series is available to stream at no cost for Amazon Prime members.

After becoming the legendary Mix Master in Season #1, Ditt has forgotten that he is the Mix Master and is now leading a boring, normal life as a student.  But when the fantasy world faces another crisis, Ditt must join with other Mix Masters who are called upon to battle evil forces.  The Mix Masters unite to fight the villains and save the world while fulfilling their destiny.  The evil villain, Root, is determined to destroy both the Real World and the Fantasy World and create a new world of his own.  Ditt and his friends must learn to depend on one another in order to work together and save the world.

The Mix Master series is based on a South Korean MMO of the same name that was originally released in 2003. Mix Master: King of Cards, the first animated series, launched in October 2005 and ran for 39 episodes. The sequel, Mix Master: Final Force, debuted in South Korea in May 2010 and ran for an additional 39 episodes. Both series were produced by Sunwoo Entertainment. The original, which you can watch in its entirety for free on Kabillion’s Youtube channel, was dubbed into English in Vancouver, Canada. For Final Force, a crew in Los Angeles was utilized. Marc Handler was the localization lead on both and Kabillion released both series in North America.

Little tidbit: The English version of Final Force initially debuted on Cartoon Network and Toonami Asia channels in South East Asia. For that broadcast, rather an instrumental like what we have in North America, they received a properly dubbed version of the Korean ending theme song.

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