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Kaboom! Entertainment to Release 3 New DVDs for Halloween


Kaboom! Entertainment is getting ready to bring the scares for the upcoming Halloween via three new properties scheduled for DVD retail launch. The properties consist of Daddy I’m a Zombie, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, and Ruby Gloom.

Daddy I’m a Zombie is a feature-length animation from Porchlight Entertainment that focuses on a 13 year old girl named Dixie, who dies in an accident but gets revived as a zombie. With the help of the Egyptian mummy Isis and the pirate zombie Gonner, Dixie goes on a quest to return to normal.

Tales from the Cryptkeeper is Nelvana’s animated adaptation of the long-running horror comic book and TV series, featuring a living corpse called the Cryptkeeper acting as a storyteller. Since Tales from the Cryptkeeper is aimed towards kids, the stories are significantly milder than the live action and comic book stories.

Ruby Gloom is another Nelvana property, this time based on the apparel franchise of the same name. It follows the exploits of the titular young girl, who – in direct contrast with her name – has a tendency to find positive things and be happy with just about anything. She has a pet cat named Doom Kitty, and is described as “The Happiest Girl in the World.”

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