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Kamen Rider Amazons debuts in over 200 countries

In a largely unprecedented move for the franchise, Kamen Rider Amazons has launched internationally in over 200 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, under the name Amazon Riders. The first season of the show debuted on Amazon Prime on Friday as the service launched Chinese, English and Korean subtitled versions of their first seven Japanese productions.

An adult re-imaging of 1974’s Kamen Rider Amazon, the first 13 episodes of the new series debuted in April 2016 exclusively on the service in Japan. Produced by Toei, the live action horror superhero show features a list of Kamen Rider veterans behind the scenes, with Hidenori Ishida / Ryuta Tasaki / Osamu Kaneda serving as directors, Yasuko Kobayashi responsible for writing, and Kuniaki Haishima on the soundtrack.

Since Masked Rider Amazon was aired in 1974 as the 4th part of the Masked Rider series, it has been known as the most unique superhero TV show. Now, the top-level creators who have built the present Kamen Rider series and the best stunt team are gathered in order to get the honor of producing the first Amazon Prime Video original program in Japan. They are longing to reboot the legend of Amazon Rider and to open a new history of superheroes.

Haruka and Jin: a farmed boy and a feral man. Introducing these two contrasting Amazon Riders, the distinctive characters invite you into such mysterious and dramatic stories.

A second 13 episode season premiered in April 2017. No word has been shared on when or if it’ll be released internationally. Toei is currently adapting the show into two compilation films due out in Japan next month. This is being done in preparation for the launch of Kamen Rider Amazons: The Movie: The Last Judgment, an original film set to conclude the storyline, in late May.

The Kamen Rider franchise began in 1971, with a live-action series created by Cyborg 009 author Shotaro Ishinomori. The franchise continues to receive annual refreshes to this day, most recently with the ongoing Kamen Rider Build. While audiences in South East Asia received English language dubs of various entries, official availability of the property remained scarce in the west. Rather than straight importation of the Japanese productions, two unsuccessful attempts were made at adapting Kamen Rider for an English speaking western audience: 1995’s Masked Rider and 2008’s Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

Alongside Amazons, the Japanese series Prime launched internationally on Thursdays include Businessmen vs. Aliens, Fukuyadou Honpo -Kyoto Love Story-, Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental, Tokyo Girl, Tokyo Vampire Hotel, and Bachelor.

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