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KidsClick to launch mobile app September 1st

KidsClick, the morning cartoon block airing on ThisTV and select Sinclair-owned television stations across the United States will be launching its mobile and streaming component next month. In a Facebook reply to a fan, the official says, “[download] the mobile app and watch online at Sept. 1st!”

During the initial KidsClick announcement, Sinclair said: “This summer, KidsClick also will be available online (desktop and mobile), via tablet and smartphone apps and games, and via OTT platforms like Roku, in addition to broadcast television. The content will consist of an ever-growing list of long- and short-form video content that is appropriate for kids and advertisers, with an industry-exclusive hyper-local advertising/promotional component through Sinclair’s 170+ station websites as well as ThisTV’s website.”

The block’s launch hasn’t been the smoothest. For starters, the KidsClick launch lineup had a last minute mix up. Gone was Sonic X and in its place were more episodes of RoboCop: Alpha Commando and Super 4. Viewers have reported significant technical issues, from the same batch of episodes running for days, some shows airing without their credit sequences to overplayed block promos. The Facebook post promises those will be rectified “later in the summer.”

How are you enjoying KidsClick? Do you like the shows but are disappointed in the production? Are you excited for online streaming and the mobile app? Leave a comment down below!

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