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Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Showcased in Orchestra Trailer

The third whole-numbered installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has become sort of a holy grail at this point – Kingdom Hearts II was released in 2005, and since then Square Enix and Disney have stretched the franchise out a bit with a series of prequels, remasters, and spin-offs. But now we may finally be getting tangible visual previews out of the actual continuation of the story, as the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in LA has released a new trailer, which ostensibly features footages of Sora and the gang helping Hercules fight the Heartless on Mount Olympus.

For those not familiar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise (yes, all three of you), it’s an action RPG game from Square Enix and Disney Interactive that features characters from both companies’ catalogue fighting alongside (and against) brand new characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning tale about hearts, keys, friendships, and memories.

Now, as to when we will finally get our hands on the actual game: get ready for a lot more waiting. But chances are we’ll get a few more teases and previews at the upcoming D23 Expo 2017 on July 15.

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