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Hello Kitty and KISS Team Up for The Hub


The Hub has recently managed to option the rights to Kiss Hello Kitty (working title), which is a new animated series based on the odd Kiss x Hello Kitty line of merchandise from Sanrio.

While the pairing between Hello Kitty and the iconic hard rock band KISS seems highly unlikely, it’s not that surprising considering that both are known to have crossovers with variety of other franchises, with KISS having dabbled with Marvel comics (and one of its members branching out into reality TV) while Hello Kitty has had crossovers with everything from Sailor Moon to The Ring’s Sadako. The KISS x Hello Kitty brands came about in 2010, with the co-branded products being released all over the globe via hundreds of licensed items from different categories, such as apparel, electronics, stationary, toys, and many others.

The Hub’s Kiss Hello Kitty series will feature the four KISS x Hello Kitty characters living their rock ‘n’ roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in. The series is still in the initial states of development, with KISS bass player Gene Simmons himself reportedly serving as one of the producers.

“We are thrilled to have these two seminal brands, KISS and Hello Kitty, on The Hub,” said Margaret Loesch, President & CEO of The Hub. “Fans of The Hub know we are a distinct brand dedicated to providing clever, imaginative, and cool shows that families can watch together. The tone and style of the KISS Hello Kitty TV show is a perfect fit for our network.”

“The Hub Network is the perfect home for the TV show, ‘KISS Hello Kitty,’” said Mr. Simmons. “We are incredibly excited about this opportunity and want to make all our millions of fans worldwide proud of a show they can watch with the whole family.”

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