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Klonoa Anime Film in Development

Most young gamers these days probably don’t recognize or at least aren’t familiar with Klonoa as it’s been some time since the character made a mainstream appearance, but during the heyday of the original Playstation (the console that finally allowed Sony to enter the videogame market,) Klonoa was one of the shining examples of how to do 2.5D platforming right. The floppy-eared mascot also boasted of game visuals that was way ahead of its time, and would honestly look good up to this day.

So however late it may be, it is still good news that Henshin, Inc. is currently working on a Klonoa anime film, as we feel this franchise didn’t get the attention it deserves (though it was relatively successful as game franchise, having spawned multiple iterations and even making appearances outside of Sony’s systems.)

There are no details yet, but it is said that Henshin’s Rob Pereyda is producing and Hitoshi is in charge of writing, co-producing, and handling lead character design.

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