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Kuroba Adventures offers girls-focused monster battling

Between heavyweights like Digimon, Pokemon, Puzzle & Dragons and Yo-Kai Watch, there’s no shortage of monster battling properties on the market. The companies behind Kuroba Adventures could join that tier by targeting a different audience. While none of the previously franchises are strangers to female characters, they’re seldom the centre of attention. If you’ve got a daughter or niece in your life, that gap might be noticeable while you’re out hunting for Shopkins, Hatchimals or Littlest Pet Shop figurines.

Launched in late June, Kuroba Adventures is an animated web-series produced by Bento Box Entertainment’s Sutikki division. The show follows three girls who aim to be Kuroba Keepers, tamers of a mystical beast that powers their world. Through their journey, they’ll have to use their bond with the creatures to out battle and outsmart some of the less than friendly Kuroba.

Three distinctly different best friends answer the call of the Kuroba, the cube-like creatures secretly behind all of nature, to become the first Kuroba Keepers of their generation. The mission of our Kuroba Keepers is to balance humankind and nature with the help of Kuroba. Mari, Tara, Reina along with Emberfox, Pegaplant and Octoboss are the centre of every Kuroba adventure.

The new series is based on a toy line by Playmates Toys, which was initially designed by BOTI Global Ltd. The transforming toys utilize rock-paper-scissors gameplay for battle mechanics.

Sutikki plans on supporting Kuroba with over 220 minutes of animated material. Kuroba Adventures stars Layla Khan as Mari, Jess Kaliban as Tara, and Danielle McRae as Reina. The series was thought up by Christopher Waters and Irene Weibel. Justin Harder and Tara Nicole Whitaker are responsible for character designs.

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