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Lilo & Stitch Anime Spin-off from Disney XD

Lilo & Stitch Anime Spin-off from Disney XD

The Disney XD network has recently listed weekday airings of Stitch!, which is the 2008 anime spin-off of 2002’s Lilo and Stitch, co-procuded by Madhouse (of Card Captor Sakura).

Lilo and Stitch was originally about a blue, four-armed space alien bred specifically for mass destruction, who got adopted by a Hawaiian girl and her sister after escaping from his creator and stranding himself on planet Earth. Pursued by a duo of bumbling would-be assassins and an alien bounty hunter, Stitch must learn how to adapt to life as an earthling without letting his newfound family get hurt by his past.

The 2008 Madhouse anime adaptation, Stitch!, differs from the original Disney movie only in a few minor details, such as setting. For example, instead of being stranded in Hawaii and adopted by a girl named Lilo, the anime spin-off has Stitch stuck in the fictional island of Ryukyus off the shores of Okinawa, and befriended by a girl named Yuna.

The first five episodes listed by Disney XD include:

Monday 10/24 at 9am ET/PT: #101 “Ichariba-Chodei”
Tuesday 10/25 at 9am ET/PT: #102 “The Good Deed Counter”
Wednesday 10/26 at 9am ET/PT: #103 “The Kijimunaa”
Thursday 10/27 at 9am ET/PT: #104 “Bojo / Felix Redux”
Friday 10/28 at 9am ET/PT: #105 “An Electrifying Experience”

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