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Lino 3D to Screen in Mexico

Darkside Distribution has recently secured the license for FilmSharks International’s CG comedy adventure Lino 3D, and is planning a 450-screen release in Mexico. The film is directed by Rafael Ribas and produced by Brazil’s Start Anima studio and Fox International Productions.

Lino 3D’s story revolves around the titular children’s party entertainer, who doesn’t really like his job and has equal contempt for his ridiculous cat costume. In an attempt to change his life, Lino visits a wizard who unfortunately botches the magic, resulting in the hapless entertainer transforming into a real cat.

FilmSharks also managed to license Lino 3D to Smart Media (German-speaking Europe), Paycom Media (Spain) BF Paris (Argentina) and Vista Ent. (Central America). A Q1 2019 release is set for Spain.

These new partners join Sony (Italy), ProgramStore (France), Big Film (Russia/CIS), Hammer Pictures (South Korea) and more — over 50 territories all together.

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lino 3d

Lino 3D to Screen in Mexico

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