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Lionsgate offers sneak peek to Alpha and Omega

Lionsgate offers sneak peek to Alpha and Omega

The film’s release date is September 17th. Today’s date is September 3rd. There’s a difference between the two, see? Well, it’s possible some theaters missed that little detail — that, or Lionsgate just wanted to give some fans a two-week early sneak peek at their CG animated film, Alpha and Omega. The wolf-based love story has it’s long awaited National release set for Friday, September 17th, but a number of ToonBarners have emailed us to say their local theater is running the flick tonight — you might want to check yours, in case you’re in for the same bonus! If anything, it’d be an easier task for you to find that out than it will be for Humphrey, the Omega, to get Kate, the Alpha, to notice him. But, if it weren’t a struggle, I guess it wouldn’t be a movie!

Alpha and Omega cast:
Hayden Panettiere as Kate
Justin Long as Humphrey
Christina Ricci as Lilly
Dennis Hopper as Tony
Danny Glover as Winston

ToonBarn Rob

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    Will they be coming out with alpha and omega Plush Toys when the movies in theaters??

  2. Hiya Redemption!

    I can pretty much guarantee that there will be plus toys based on the characters. I’ll dig around and see if I can find some confirmation for you!

  3. goldenwolf goldenwolf

    id like to know too ive been searching around^^

  4. The Omega The Omega

    I hope they do bring out plush toys Id love to add them to my collection. But since it made #5 in the box office I am sure it will bring out plush toys and others. Thank you for checking on it though Toonbarn Rob I appreciate your help.

  5. I,m Hollands;-)


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