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Looking at the Monster cast from Scary Larry

Looking at the Monster cast from Scary Larry

Werewolves, vampires, monsters, creatures, mummys, … what’s missing there, ghosts? Maybe the Abominable Snowman? Or is that covered under “monster”. It’s all so confusing, and maybe a little bit frightening, but one thing is for certain about Scary Larry – it’s awesome. The upcoming flash animated series (a co-production between Timoon Animation, Mercury Filmworks, 1492 Pictures, and Lagardere Entertainment) features a “rat pack” of iconic monster kids who travel and rock together in a band they named Frightsylvania. Individually, they are Larry the werewolf, Victoria the vampire, Frank the monster, Mummy the mummy, and Carl the sea creature – each just trying to live as normal an existence as a freaky monster can live!

Larry the werewolf

Victoria the Vampire

Frank the Monster

Mummy the mummy

Carl the Sea Creature


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