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Machinima Launches Two New Toons

Machinima Launches Two New Toons

One of Youtube’s most popular channels, Machinima, has just launched a couple of new animated shows on the video repository. The two projects, titled Space Adventure Legend Quest and Action Faction, are a departure from Machinima’s usual oeuvre as they are both Flash-animated instead of CG, and both shows are non-gaming related.

Machinima is currently one of the more profitable networks in Youtube, boasting of over 2.6 billion views per month. The first episode of the two new shows launched last Saturday, January 12, and has already garnered more than 120 thousand views.

Space Adventure Legend Quest focuses on the misadventures of a space crew and their inept leader, Captain Dreak. Together, the crew finds all sorts of creative and hilarious ways in order to pass time in the infinite abyss.

Action Faction, on the other hand, centers on a team of superheroes who are currently reeling from the death of their leader, Uberman, but must still contend with various forces who pose a threat to Earth’s safety.

You can watch Action Faction and Space Adventure Legend Quest via Machinima’s official Youtube channel:

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