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Marvel reveals the first look at Captain America: The First Avenger

Marvel reveals the first look at Captain America: The First Avenger

As filming for the upcoming Captain America film gets underway, more and more bits of information are leaking through to the public. Just the other day, we got more casting information as Stanley Tucci jumps aboard the Paramount Pictures film, and now we get a sneak peek of Cap’s costume. The renders are just that – renders – but it’s a great way to envision how Chris Evans will appear in the upcoming Marvel and Disney adventure movie. Captain America: The First Avenger is set to hit theaters on July 22, 2011, but its not too early to start critiquing! What do you guys think about the suit? Did they do the shield justice?

Captain America The First Avenger
Captain America Concept Art

Captain America Concept Art

Chris Evans as Captain America

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Suit doesn’t look that bad, but somehow it looks like he hasn’t finished taking off his parachute gear. I know a real live movie should be different from an animation character but they should’ve still included his wings on his head plus please don’t change his original outfit ,its ok if you may want to make the blue and red darker but EVERYONE loves CAPS original outfit.Just checkout an example of a great outfit from an action figure from TOY BIZ’s latest Marvel Legends . Here, it shows his gloves and boots are similar to Chris Evan’s outfit , not red but brown which is fine. But the rest of this figures outfit shows Cap as how he should look like in a real live movie, the figure doesn’t seem cartoonish but looks extremely awesome. Chest and arm area would look awesome if fish scales would’ve been added plus if chris would’ve looked bulkier. I respect the creation here but it looks a little too simple. Then again its ok , I just hope that since Disney is taking over it doesn’t mess nothing from how a Marvel movie should look like. Like the rest that was made like Iron Man, Spider Man, latest Hulk, & Fantastic Four which are incrediblly awesome. There’s no doubt that his shield at least didn’t change at all.It will be understandable if this is meant to be his very first appearance outfit as long as when The Avengers Movie arrive that they change his clothe how should be.
Everyone will be looking forward to checking out this awesome movie and I’m pretty sure that we will not be dissapointed.

Keep the great job !!!!

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