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Matt Hatter Chronicles’ 3rd Season in the Works

matt hatter chronicles

UK Indie studio Platinum Films and their production partner Dream Mill have recently announced that their CG animated action comedy series Matt Hatter Chronicles will be returning for a 3rd season, after a commission from Britain’s ITV.

Matt Hatter Chronicles follows the eponymous boy hero as he discovers that his family has been defending the “Multiverse” for decades using their theater home, the Coronet, as a front. When the evil mastermind Lord Tenoroc unleashes various villains into the Multiverse, it is up to Matt Hatter to take up the mantle and defend everyone from the forces of evil.

Matt Hatter Chronicles’ 3rd season will consist of 13 x 22 minute episodes and will start airing next year. The order for season 3 is not surprising considering that the series garnered strong ratings during its first 2 seasons and has been sold to more than 80 countries all over the world, being dubbed into 18 different languages in the process.

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