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Mattel Action debuts second season of Minecraft Mini Series

The Mattel Action is ever growing. After debuting last year themed around BattleClaw, the YouTube has added shows like Mecard and the Minecraft Mini Series. The latter has returned for a second season. Mattel Action debuted Minecraft Mini Series: Mystery of the Greek Isles on March 22nd.

Having survived the terrifying trials of the Spooky Isles in Season 1, the teams are once again reunited to face dastardly challenges set by deities of the ancient world.

Poseidon poses problems that pitch players into peril! Harpies harry hapless heroes! Chimeras create canny conundrums! Gorgons get greatly grouchy! And ancillary ancient Athenian alliterating anecdotes!

Vancouver’s Atomic Cartoon is once again animating the reality series spoof. New episodes go live on the YouTube channel every Thursday. The series is inspired by Mattel’s line of miniature figures based on Mojang’s incredibly popular survival/building game.

This isn’t the only animated Minecraft fun on the way. An episode of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time crossing over with the game is currently in the works.

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