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Mattel Action launches Turning Mecard in Malaysia and Singapore

The Mattel Action YouTube channel has got a new treat. Early last month, viewers in Malaysia and Singapore were greeted to the South Korean phenomenon, Turning Mecard. The first 26 episodes are now available to stream for free in English if you’re a resident of those two countries. Here’s the play list:

Turning Mecard’s Asian YouTube launch is just another part of Mattel’s ever expanding roll out for the property. The American toy giant introduced the series in Australia and Canada in late spring. In its native land of South Korea, the franchise has undergone a transformation. The newest spin-off series, Dino Mecard, launched in the country on November 23rd.

Not a resident of Malaysia or Singapore? Don’t worry, the Mattel Action channel has loads of fun for you. It’s the only place you can check out BattleClaw and shorts from the world of WWE, Halo, DC Comics and Minecraft.

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