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Mattel launches BattleClaw on Youtube

While we’re seeing a growing shift to digital platforms for long form animated productions, most large companies still value a traditional television run to get people to pay attention to their latest series. It seems 2017 is when that’s starting to change, as Hasbro launched Hanazuki as a digital-only property and their rival Mattel has done the same with the Chinese co-production BattleClaw. The company launched the series as a Youtube-only series on April 11, 2017 and is releasing a new episode ever Friday.

BattleClaw is the most popular head-to-head beast-fighting sport in the world! Harnessing the power of the Wu Xing, Tyee and the rest of the Clawfighters capture Jinlins with their BattleClaw gauntlets and combine them to create mighty beasts that battle one another. Who will be the champion?

BattleClaw is a co-production with China’s UYoung. The series premiered last November in the country on CCTV. The English version is produced in Los Angeles by Mattel Creations and feature a pretty cool theme song by Matias Mora. Mattel plans on launching a global toyline and a trading card game sometime this summer. Check out the official website for the franchise here.

What are you feelings on the new digital-only trend?

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