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VIZ Media Starts a New Digital Division

VIZ Media Starts a New Digital Division

SF-based manga and anime distributor VIZ Media has recently announced the formation of a new division of their company called VIZ labs. The new division will be led by Gagan Singh, exec VP, president, and CTO, and will focus on digital content distribution, effectively consolidating engineering and digital business efforts across the company into a single group.

VIZ Media has been acquiring engineering talent as of late, and reports say that the new acquisition strategy will continue under VIZ Labs.

“Innovation in distribution is an integral part of VIZ Media’s future,” said Ken Sasaki, President and CEO of VIZ Media. “As a long-time partner of the company, Gagan helped us shape our digital content strategy, and we’re delighted to have him join our team full time.”

VIZ Labs will announce their first major initiative and their next digital platform this summer. You can visit for more details.

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