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VIZ Media Unveils New Catch Up Feature for Neon Alley


Viz Media has recently revealed a brand new “Catch-Up” feature for the web-based version of their 24/7 anime channel, Neon Alley. The new feature will allow subscribers to select either a “Watch Live” or “Catch Up” option upon logging in onto the service. The former allows users to watch the 24/7 linear English-dubbed channel that the service is known for, while the latter is essentially a VOD function that lets fans “catch up” on missed shows.

Each episode of an anime carried by Neon Alley will be made available for a minimum of one week after the initial premiere, Other “World Premiere Neon Alley Exclusives,” such as Naruto Shippuden, K, and Accel World, will remain available for a minimum of 2 weeks during a series’ initial run on the platform. The “Catch Up” service will be deployed on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Neon Alley later this fall.

“Neon Alley currently features over two dozen different anime series, plus weekly movie premieres and other exclusive programming, and the ability for members to access and watch programs whenever they want using this new feature will give them an even greater degree of flexibility and convenience,” explains Brian Ige, VIZ Media VP of Animation. “As we prepare to launch our Fall season, Neon Alley members can complement their linear viewing experience with the new ‘Catch Up’ feature to ensure that they never miss a single program!”

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