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Meet Jumbo Monster Gomera

Meet Jumbo Monster Gomera

If you’re a big fan of kaiju movies and all-ages humor, then you will love IDA entertainment’s new CG project, Jumbo Monster Gomera, which managed to marry the two otherwise distinct concepts as it stars a cute Kaiju monster named Gomera, who has the voice, size, and powers of something that will fit in with Godzilla’s giant kaiju rogues gallery. The odd thing about Gomera is that he has very little talent for destruction, which seems odd as someone of his size and abilities has the ability to destroy lots of things with so much as a sneeze.

The first episode has Gomera (using subtitles) introducing himself in the middle of a busy metropolis as a fierce monster, only to be stumped at what to do next. Enter the army, whose misguided efforts to bring down Gomera resulted in actually making the large monster lay waste to the city, simply out of accident.

IDA entertainment plans to create 12 Gomera episodes for Japanese and international viewers. An upcoming soft toy is also in the works. For more info, you can visit their site at

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