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Mindshapes and BBC Team Up for Wibbly Pig App

Mindshapes and BBC Team Up for Wibbly Pig App

BBC Worldwide and Mindshapes have recently joined forces in order to develop a new app based on the hit animated series and children’s book Wibbly Pig. Targeted towards K2-6, the Wibbly Pig app will be available in Mindshapes’ own interactive world,

Wibbly Pig follows the titular character as he does what children do best: from day to day activities such as climbing a tree, wrapping a present, and even getting into bed, to fantasy oriented activities such as meeting a giant or going to the moon. Wibbly Pig manages to move seamlessly between fantasy play and real life activities, making him relatable to children who do the same.

The Wibbly Pig app from Mindshapes will feature characters from various books and the TV series, such as Elmer, Little Princess, Winnie the Witch, Little Red Riding Hood, and Aliens Love Underpants, and now Wibbly Pig. Each story in the Magic town site is presented as a livebook, with 100+ titles available giving kids a wide variety of content.

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