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MIPJunior Launches Digital Kids! Conference

MIPJunior Launches Digital Kids! Conference

Next month, Reed Midem’s MIPJunior will be launching a full-day conference program devoted to covering digital kids content called Digital Kids!. The one-day forum aims to bring together various creators from the web and social media field along with producers, publishers, and broadcasters in order to talk about topics relating to entertainment in the digital age.

Digital Kids! will feature a number of high profile executives, such as Misha Lyalin of ZeptoLab (Cut the Rope), Josh Selig of Little Airplane Productions (Small Potatoes) and Andy Heyward of A Squared Entertainment.

The Digital Kids! forum, which will be held on October 6-7, will address important industry topics such as creation and funding of properties in the digital era, as well as targeting a new generation of teens who grew up on social media networks. The forum will also cover new venues for digital funding and the web and mobile apps business.

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