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Monster Entertainment to Launch Fuzzyworld at Cartoon Forum


Monster Entertainment has recently announced that their brand new animated series Fuzzyworld (37 x 7) will be premiering at the Cartoon Forum next month, which marks the studio’s first ever project presentation at the forum. Fuzzyworld is the first in a seris of 5 projects that the studio is currently developing with the support of slate funding from the MEDIA programme of the European Union.

Fuzzyworld focuses on the titular alien planet and 2 boys, a girl, and a dog known as Argle, Bargle, Dingle and Dave. The denizens of Fuzzyworld are all made out of a strange substance called “fuzzonium,” which bears a striking resemblance to felt. The show aims to engage viewers using a vibrant, colorful, and playful world taken straight out of a child’s imagination. The show will encourage kids to be curious about how the world works.

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