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Monster Entertainment Signs New International Deals for Pikkuli

Monster Entertainment has recently inked a raft of new international deals for the first season of their colorful non-dialogue series, Pikkuli. Produced by Sun in Eye Productions Finland, the series is also released with a narrated version and a second season is expected soon.

The new deals signed by Monster Entertainment include Globosat in Brazil for Pay TV, Al Jazeera in Qatar for Exclusive Free to Air, Pay TV, and non-exclusive FVOD and SVOD, LXL Ideas India for broadcast rights, and JY Animation in China for exclusive VOD.

For the uninitiated, Pikkuli follows the titular little bird who enjoys exploration and play, but is extremely afraid of flying. So Pikkuli swims like a penguin and hops like a chicken instead. The bird looks up to his talented big Sister and reckless Brother, while they are cared for by Athletic Byrd Father and caring Mommy Byrd. With a little bit of help from his family and his best friend the wobbly shorebird Honkkeli, Pikkuli learns how to b e brave and to embrace the world.

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