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Monster Entertainment to Present Wulfie at Cartoon Forum

This week, brand management and production outfit Monster Entertainment will be presenting a new 2D cartoon concept, titled Wulfie, at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France. The series is being developed by Wulfie Animation and will be distributed with the help of Jam Media.

Targeted towards kids aged 6 to 11, Wulfie focuses on the friendship between Libby and her new bestfriend, a “pathologically nosy, purple, shape-changing, talking, wolf-like creature from another world.” The series is scheduled to go into production next year.

Aside from Wulfie, Monster Entertainment will also be bolstering its own line with 18 new series to be presented at the MIP Junior market in Cannes next month. Some of these series are new acquisitions, including the short format Euro animations Luchien (26 x 1), Pikkuli (26 x 5) and FlipFlap (25 x 4), which will make their market debuts.


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